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Basic single nozzles ORYCON

Basic single nozzles

Orycon offers a wide range of nozzles, their use can be divided into several groups according to the way of use and amount of injection material, taking into account its physical and chemical properties.


Single and multiply injection nozzles

Does it inject directly into the part or into the manifold? By choosing a suitable nozzle, everything starts.

ORYCON open valve nozzles

Open valve nozzles

They are suitable for injection into the cold sub-pipeline, or for injection directly into the part with subsequent adjustment of the trace of the inlet. This group is divided into 4 classes according to the size of the nozzle channel diameter 5, 6, 10, 14 and three intermediate classes with diameters of 7, 12 and 16 mm.

Class - diameter561014
Intermediate class - diameter71216
ORYCON nozzles with the tip

Nozzles with the tip

Their design predetermines their use for injection molding directly into the mold cavity, where the trace of injection is minimal. Nozzle tips are made in 2 material versions, namely from a copper-berilium alloy, or a composite tip of copper-berilium carbide or steel. The tip group can also be divided into 4 groups according to the nozzle bore, namely 5, 6, 10, 14 and subgroups 12 and 16.

Class - diameter561014
Intermediate class - diameter1216
ORYCON hot half

ORYCON nozzles,
are easy to install in mold.


ORYCON nozzle assembly

The nozzles are manufactured in two material classes, hardened steel and hardened stainless steel.


All Orycon nozzles are designed so that each individual part of the nozzle is replaceable under normal die or tool shop conditions.


All spare parts are always in stock for next day delivery. Thermocouples can also be ordered through the e-shop.

Basic single nozzle ORYCON

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