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An important part of the delivery of our hot systems is also warranty and post-warranty service.


Our work does not end with the delivery of goods. Our priority is the successful installation of the device and its trouble-free operation within the entire injection molding process. Time is money, that's why we solve every order operatively and in the shortest possible time to minimize production downtime.

A significant advantage of ORYCON technologies is the availability of spare parts and their easy installation, which is, in some cases, possible for the user to implement. We keep a wide range of spare parts in stock and we are able to arrange a delivery within 24 hours.

We also provide service and repairs of tools from other manufacturers. We assess such projects individually, where we primarily check the compatibility of spare parts (heaters and thermocouples), or possibility of construction modifications of a mold for installation of a complete ORYCON hot runner system.

injection nozzle Orycon

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