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manifold ORYCON


We produce standard and special ORYCON manifolds individually, according to the customer's needs. No pre-prepared semi-finished products.


ORYCON distribution units

ORYCON distribution manifolds are made of two types of materials with regard to plastics that will be used in hot systems.

The shape of the system is always chosen according to the spacing and multiplicity of the mold. From single nozzle misalignments to multiple systems. Also, channel diameters are made based on the need for injection molded products. Orycon distribution systems are always naturally balanced, even with single-row high-capacity systems. The basic balancing principles are type I, X, H, Y-Y, H-H manifolds and multiples of these principles and their combinations.

ORYCON systems are equipped with a pressed heater, ensuring more efficient heat transfer to the system, protection against mechanical damage or loosening of the heater from the groove due to thermal expansion, which can lead to damage due to local heat accumulation.


Uniform heating of the manifold guarantees a smooth flow of melt without a drop in temperature and optimizes energy consumption.


Fixed heaters increase the efficiency of the heating and improve its durability.


The construction of the manifold and proper materials minimize heat loss and thus reduce costs.

manifolds Orycon

We are able to offer selected manifolds in a cleanable version. These systems allow the inlet channel to be maintained after the switchgear has been removed from the mold, as a precaution or if the system is clogged.

Production of all types of distribution manifolds
is under our control.

ceramic socks ORYCON


Our innovative solution is one of the possibility to isolate the hot system from the mold using ceramic socks. Insulating ability surpasses both steel and titanium, reducing energy consumption for heating the entire system.

traceability of ORYCON manifolds


ORYCON distribution manifolds and nozzles are individually marked with a serial number for traceability and the identity of individual orders in our system.

manifold ORYCON

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