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connecting cable (mold - regulator)


We offer production of connecting cables (mold - regulator) both to our regulators and according to individual customer requirements.


Tailored to your specifications

We produce cables from certified materials only made in Europe, the main supplier is Harting a.g. certified for the automotive industry, these components are fully compatible with all standards of other HAN connector suppliers.

connecting cable (mold - regulator)

Cable installation is offered in connection variant according to the customer's standard. Cables can be supplied with PVC surface finish or for applications where there is a risk of damage to the outer sheath, the cables are delivered in a flexible protective sleeve made of steel.

We offer tthe possibility of choosing the design of cable end covers.

There is also a wide range stock of Harting components available.

standard cabinet

Custom made production of accessories to connect cabling according to your specifications into standard cabinets.

connecting cable (mold - regulator)

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